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5,000,000 people to have the opportunity to be skilled through ECDL Foundation’s and ECDL Malta’s support of the digital agenda


5,000,000 people to have the opportunity to be skilled through ECDL Foundation’s and ECDL Malta’s support of the digital agenda
ECDL Foundation and ECDL Malta Launch a Campaign to Raise the Profile of the EU Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe and Commit Their Support to High-Level Aims
4th October 2010
ECDL Foundation and ECDL Maltawelcome the EU Commission’s Communication ‘A Digital Agenda for Europe’ as a timely and necessary initiative designed to promote economic recovery, and to improve social circumstances through the creation of a more competitive, inclusive, and digitally streamlined Europe.
As the Digital Agenda rightly identifies, improved digital literacy and ICT skills’ development will have a critical role to play in the drive to: invigorate the Maltese economy, nurture an innovative workforce, and to minimise the digital divide, and will be integral to the success of the policy of smart, sustainable and inclusive growth.
As the leading international digital skills certification authority, ECDL Foundation and its pan-European network of national operators have affirmed our commitment to the goals of the Digital Agenda, and have pledged to support its implementation. At a European level, we have committed to:
  • Engage with 5,000,000 citizens to ensure they have the opportunity to acquire digital skills and competence
  • Decrease by 3% the current number of 150 million people who do not have the skills to use the Internet, and promote the use of e-government services and the benefits of e-commerce to these future e-citizens
  • Promote digital skills development programmes in all levels of education throughout Europe to enhance and modernise education systems while providing today’s youth with the skills necessary for mobility in tomorrow’s labour market
  • Take special measures to ensure that marginalised groups such as the unemployed, older people, people with disabilities and those in remote locations are empowered to participate in the Information Society
  • Work with Member States in the development of long-term digital literacy policies, using certification as a measureable outcome in the return on investment in digital skills programmes, and ensuring that ICT skills are incorporated in national education policies.
ECDL Foundation has recently launched a comprehensive campaign designed to raise the profile of the Digital Agenda, and to pledge its considerable expertise, and that of its extensive network of pan-European in-country operators to ensure the successful implementation of the above goals which support the aims of the Digital Agenda.
As the ECDL Foundation national operator in Malta, we ECDL Malta pledge our support to both the aims of the Digital Agenda, and to the specific goals outlined by ECDL Foundation to ensure its successful implementation in Malta.
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