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ECDL Foundation Highlights the Importance of Digital Skills for Jobs at the Festival of Europe Celebrations

ECDL Foundation is pleased to be celebrating the ‘Festival of Europe’ tomorrow with the European Commission at ‘European Institutions Open Day’ to mark the increasing need for digital skills to support Europe’s growth.

Tens of thousands of visitors are expected to attend ‘European Institutions Open Day’, taking place in several official buildings across Brussels tomorrow.  ECDL Foundation will join with the European Commission DG Information Society and Media to stress the role of digital skills in achieving the social and economic inclusion that is needed to kick start a more competitive Europe.

The Festival of Europe is an annual event that opens up the buildings of several EU institutions in Brussels, Strasbourg and Luxembourg to the public, enabling people to learn more about the activities, policies and the impact of the European Commission, the European Parliament, and the Council of the European Union on their everyday lives.

In recognition of its role in the promotion and delivery of digital skills and certification in Europe, ECDL Foundation is pleased to join this event and in conjunction with ECDL Belgium, will showcase tools on digital skills and associated careers in a dedicated space with the European Commission in the famous Berlaymont building.

Enabling Europeans, young and old, to benefit fully from the opportunities that ICT skills can bring is key for the success of the Digital Agenda for Europe,as well as for the recently released plan on ‘Exploiting the Employment Potential of ICTs’. Access to technology combined with appropriate digital skills can help achieve important employment and inclusion targets.

About the Festival of Europe
The Festival of Europe is a yearly celebration of the anniversary of the ‘Schuman Declaration’, established on 9 May 1950, which laid the foundations for subsequent European cooperation and solidarity, and ultimately for the establishment of the European Union.

Around this time each year, the EU institutions in Brussels open their doors for a day of visits to official buildings, debates and information stands, activities, a fun village for children, dancing, music, and street art. Visit: www.festivalofeurope.europa.eu

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