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Experts meet to develop Global Digital Literacy Initiatives


International organisations assemble at the ECDL Foundation Annual Forum to Influence International Digital Literacy Policy, and to Shape National Initiatives Around the EU Commission’s Digital Agenda
Bonn, Germany, 26th October 2010
The need to develop the skills of national workforces through targeted national and international initiatives becomes increasingly important during challenging economic times. Skills’ development initiatives, including the development of digital skills, will have a profound impact on the creation of more agile and competitive economies (both in developing and more developed countries), and through the provision of greater access to Information Communication Technology (ICT) for all, will contribute to more inclusive societies.
At the ECDL Foundation Annual Forum, high-level representatives from organisations across all sectors, including UNESCO, Hewlett Packard (HP), CEPIS, ECDL Foundation’s global network of national operators, and other international organisations met to develop global digital literacy strategies, and to share knowledge and experiences with the aim of raising digital literacy levels in the interest of economic and social development.
According to Damien O’Sullivan, CEO of ECDL Foundation:
"The importance of international, and Public and Private Sector organisations  supporting, funding, and/or implementing digital literacy initiatives is paramount to ECDL Foundation in achieving its mission to enable proficient use of ICT that empowers individuals, organisations and society, and in doing so, raising digital literacy levels for economic development and social cohesion”.
Delegates from ECDL Foundation’s global network of national operators from 148 countries attended the Annual Forum and shared their knowledge and experience as in-country stakeholders in the development of national digital literacy initiatives, with particular emphasis being placed by European national operators on the formulation of national strategies around the EU Commission’s Digital Agenda for Europe.
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