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IT Security Skills: protecting your children, your private life, and your business

IT security is an increasingly important issue for all computer users. The ECDL Foundation has recently released its latest position paper which looks at IT security needs in private and professional life, and highlights the central role that skills play in helping people stay safe from increasingly sophisticated threats online.

ECDL Foundation's new position paper on the topic of IT security argues that IT security is a growing issue. While increasing numbers of people are using computers and the internet in more and more areas of life, the risks that people face are becoming more sophisticated. The paper, which is being launched during European Cyber Security Month, examines IT security needs in both private and professional life, highlighting the essential and central role of skills in reducing the dangers that we face every day online.

While there are many technological solutions to cybersecurity risks, the paper argues that they are, at best, only a partial answer. Poor IT security skills can undo many of the benefits, whether it be through the use of insecure public Wi-Fi for sensitive tasks like online banking, to oversharing personal information online. The damage to businesses, especially smaller businesses, from IT security breaches can also be significant, according to research by PWC featured in the position paper, which found that the average cost of a breach could be well over €100,000 for small businesses, and over €2 million for large companies in the UK.

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