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Creating the Future: Computing in Education

February 2017
The ECDL Foundation launched a new position paper 'Creating the Future: Computing in Educ

IT Security Skills: protecting your children, your private life, and your business

IT security is an increasingly important issue for all computer users. The ECDL Foundation has recently released its latest position paper which looks at IT security needs in private and professional life, and highlights the central role that skills play in helping people stay safe from increasingly sophisticated threats online.

European Commission Directorate-General Research And Innovation Becomes ECDL Accredited Test Centre

Brussels, May 2016

Staff at the European Commission’s DG Research and Innovation are benefiting from ECDL certification under a new initiative to boost digital skills and improve workplace productivity. As a newly accredited Test Centre, over 200 staff in the European Commission will be trained and certified using ECDL, the international standard in digital skills certification.

Shocking gaps between self-assessed and actual digital skills reaffirm value of certification

Brussels, 18 April 2016

People risk falling victim to a widening digital skills gap thanks to poor awareness of digital skill levels. ECDL Foundation’s latest position paper has examined the results of five digital literacy studies conducted in Europe, which find that people routinely overestimate their digital skills, and lack abilities in areas that are key to workplace productivity.

ICT professionalism body CEPIS says new EU standard will help tackle e-skills gap

Brussels, 7 April 2016

Computing and Digital Literacy

Presently in several countries there is an ongoing debate regarding coding skills development and digital literacy in schools.

Europe Facing Digital 'Lost Generation' Thanks to 'Digital Native' Fallacy


B’Kara, 14 January 2015

Young people can’t build their digital skills without support through training and education. That’s the main point in the latest position paper from ECDL Foundation, ‘The Fallacy of the ‘Digital Native’: Why Young People Need to Develop their Digital Skills’, which was published today.

Competence Mismatch and Gender Imbalance a Problem Across ICT Profession

Brussels, 11 December 2014:

A dangerous shortage of skilled ICT professionals is threatening Europe’s capacity for economic growth and ability to stay competitive. The latest research from the CEPIS e-Competence Benchmark European report reveals the urgent need for training and increased professionalism in ICT, with only 23% of respondents to the study having the competences associated with their jobs.

e-Skills Gap and Digital Jobs Vacancies to Increase: Potential for more than half a million unfilled new jobs for ICT practitioners by 2015 in Europe

The results from the most recent research on "e-Skills in Europe", funded by the European Commission (DG Enterprise and Industry), indicate a potential for more than half a million unfilled new jobs for ICT practitioners by 2015 in Europe. Already at the European e-Skills Conference on 10 December 2013 (www.eskills2013.eu), which gathered over 300 experts on the topic and where the preliminary results of this research were discussed.

Growing e-Skills Gap: More than 500.000 vacant ICT jobs in Europe by 2015

Brussels 10 December 2013

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